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Incense Stick Gift Set

Incense Stick Gift Set

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Symbolry's premium incense stick gift sets make a fantastic gift for any occasion or just because. This gift set is the perfect starter pack to introduce your friends and loved ones to the wonderful world of incense or add to the collection of an already-established incense lover. Each gift set features 3 of our most popular and unique blends in glass tubes and an incense burner. The best part is the glass tubes can be reused or repurposed however you need.

This gift set includes 10 sticks per tube (30 sticks total) and an incense burner. Featured Scents: Dream Factory, Transcendence, and Sanctuary.

**NOTE: The incense sticks featured in this gift set are 8 inches long, unlike our other products, which feature 10 inch sticks**

Our incense is hand-dipped in our custom blend essential oils, making some unique and amazing blends/scents. We use high-quality essential oils and fragrances and make our incense in small batches to ensure quality, freshness, and long-lasting burns. We are a family-owned business; our incense does not sit in a warehouse for months or years, causing it to go stale. Please allow 4-7 business days for shipment, however when possible we will ship sooner.

NOTE: Prices & shipping timeline mentioned in the description is for the United States (U.S.) only and in U.S dollars. Customs duties, import fees, and/or taxes including VAT, may be payable by non-USA-based purchasers and are your responsibility. These are not included in the purchase price of your items or the shipping charges. Please check with your local government regarding additional import fees before purchasing. 

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